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Grommet Insertion

Often times a grommet insertion is necessary for individuals who are suffering from hearing loss or infection due to a build up of fluid collecting in the middle ear area. It is certainly a procedure that you will want to look into if you have found it hard to hear recently and don’t know why. Each year millions of people have a grommet insertion done to prevent further infection, because left untreated, this seemingly harmless build up of fluid in the ear can become quite serious. It is important to discuss thoroughly with your doctor all the details of the procedure. It is rather simple and has been performed thousands of times on people with similar conditions before, so there is nothing to worry about.

The procedure begins with a surgeon administering general anesthesia prior to illuminating the area going down the tube which goes into the middle ear. Then a small incision is made in the eardrum, a mini procedure of sorts that is called a myringotomy. The fluid is then sucked out by placing a tub that removes all of the build up from the middle ear. This clears out all of the initial fluid that has been building up over time. It will help greatly in reducing the infection that may be present along with pain in the ear.

One great thing about grommet insertion is that most patients do not complain about any pain after the procedure is over. Any fluid that is still in the middle ear typically begins to dry out in a period of anywhere from six to eight weeks. Through this period of time, the patient will notice a remarkable and significant improvement in their hearing along with any pain or pressure that was present before the procedure was done. It is important for you to know about rare yet possible negative side-effects of this procedure and finding a doctor who can do it for you.

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